Honeymoon Wedding Registry

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We asked, "What advice would you have for other couples about using a honeymoon registry or on honeymoons in general?"

Register for everything! You never know what people will get you as a present. Our friends & famiy loved the idea of getting us fun, adventurous things to do on our honeymoon. It made them feel like they had a big part with us having a good time.
- Shena and Warren
Be sure to have a good variety of dollar amounts to choose from. The lowest ones were not as "intimidating" to folks that didn't want to or couldn't afford to spend much. Be creative with the descriptions you can write! Have fun with it because it makes it more personable.
- Julie and John
Put a link to the registry on your wedding webpage and then send out your wedding webpage link on the information included in your invitations, that way you can indirectly point your guests to your registry (and not be impolite). Select lots of different gifts for your friends and family to choose from.
- Lori and Sean
Having a wide range of priced activities allows for "something for every guest's budget". We had several guests pick a larger ticket item then they also throw in a little something small as extra.
- Sharon and Robert
It's so much better than getting traditional "gifts". Have a variety of priced items.
- Kelly and David
If you already have what you need for your household, this is a great way to select things to do on your honeymoon. Be sure to pick several items to give your guests choices allowing you to get the most from the site.
- Carla and Tony
Be sure to add a cash contribution gift with small increments for those who prefer to give smaller gifts but don't be afraid to add some larger ones as well. It's surprising how much some people will purchase!
- Meredith and Ben
Spread the word, spread the word, spread the word! Put the money you get towards your honeymoon for a stress free vacation. All those excursions you want to go on but think are too expensive are bought for you to go on!
- Nikki and Kelly
Encourage your friends to have a honeymoon shower for you! My girlfriends did this for me with an "Italian" theme and it was such a huge help towards our honeymoon. Our generation thinks it is great!
- Sarah and Eric
Put a registy card for Honeymoon Wishes in your invitations. The friends and family we told about our registry were really excited to be able to get us things for our honeymoon!
- Diana and Chris
Definitely use the registry forms and include them in your invitations. These days a lot of guests shop online. The best part is, they are really getting something you would want (instead of a toaster) and if you can't get to it, you get cash.
- Tracie & Bryan
Put anything & everything that you may want to do on their. Your guests may suprise you and buy you something that you didn't think anyone would get.
- LaRee and Christopher
Create it early in your planning! It really is helpful!
- Sarah and Nicholas
I like the flexibilty of how to utilize your gifts. The payment setup was great.
- Judy and Daron
Post your story, post your pictures and then post your honeymoon pictures
- Susie and Rick
Announce the registry to friends and family early
- Cassandra and Chris
Use it for your bridal shower and push the website!
- Monique and James
Send out notices about the registry as soon as you register. This will increase your chances of receiving gifts before the actual honeymoon.
- Tanisha and Marquis
Do direct deposit, they were completely upfront and secure with our funds and if people give you a gift while you are on your honey moon you can still use it then you don't have to wait till you get home to have the money
- Stephanie and Anthony
Get the word out to family and friends early!
- Jeanne and Geoffrey
add gifts that range in prices so people can buy you something regardless of how much they want to spend.
- Elizabeth and Majid
Get the word out early to your guests
- Jamie and Jason
Put lots of pics up--guests love to see them!!!! And register gifts with a variety of price ranges--the most popular prices were $100 and $30.
- Lindsay and Christopher
Give potential gift givers lots of options: both in the area of activities and levels of cost.
- Heidi and William
put any and everything you would love to do and give your guests a variety
- Stephanie and Brad
Explain how it works to your guests when you send out the link.
- Tricia and John
My advice would be to let the guest buying you the gift pay the 7% or whatever the fee is because if they are getting you an internet gift, they would have to pay shipping somewhere else anyway.
- Erika and Andreas
Make sure it is listed and linked clearly wherever you list your registries. Make sure your parents know you prefer a honeymoon gift.
- S and G
You would be surprised how much people give. We put many $20 gifts but people went for the $40+. Make a lot of selections too.
- Laina and Nicholas
Its a good site and many of our guest liked it a lot. I would suggest that couples advertise it within their conversations and any bridal shower invitations they send out.
- Katina and Maurice
Register for more than you want. You never know what you will receive and it seemed like people are more willing to give the gift of a dinner or excursion on your trip than what you would typically receive at a wedding.
- Vivian Lynette and Michael Alan
Choose a range of $$ on the registry.
- Steff and Daniel
Don't register anywhere else. You will love not having to worry about money on your honeymoon.
- Christine and Isaac
Limit the number of registries you choose in order to maximize the honeymoon registry.
- Ann and John
Spread the word early and often.
- Amie and Christopher
Explain it to family and friends :)
- Carolyn and Nicholas
Print the registry cards and put them in your invites.
- Shawna and Ryan
Put more than you want. Some people are more generous than you imagine.
- Kate and Michael
It's the best idea ever! Register for anything and everything you want! Don't hold anything back, besides, you have nothing to lose!
- Erika and Anthony
Make sure you tell everyone that you are registered with honeymoon wishes!
- Tammey and Jerry
When putting dollar amounts to the activities, use smaller dollar amounts but ask for more quantity. It allows people to give within their budgets. By doing this we had lots of sold out items.
- Cheronda and Justin
Spread the word to your guests early!
- Crystal and Matthew
Don't be afraid to TELL your family and friends to spread the word and that THAT is what you really want! AND - remind them that if they are afraid or leary of using the on line payment option (even though it IS secure) - there is the 800# they can use and a customer service representative will be able to help them place the order.
- Megan and Kevin
Use the websites templates. I got ideas for gifts I never thought to ask for. I was amazed someone footed the bill for subway fare and massages.
- Patricia and Angelo
Use the webpage, and the free registry announcement cards. We put ours in our Invitations.
- Amanda and Ronnie
Remember to consider what people gave you as gifts from the site, just in case you didn't actually do those activities and have a response that is still complimentary of their gift.
- Laura and Jason
Use this as your main registry site and you may get more money.
- Kimberly and Daniel
Register for things in small dollar amounts (its okay if the quanity is high), we found people were much more willing to give more gifts in the amount of $20 (sometimes spending up to $100) where it took a lot longer for our higher priced items to go.
- Heather and Mykel
Make sure everyone that will be attending your wedding knows about the website.
- Tanya and Danny
If you are thinking about it - don't think - just do it! Don't be shy when asking for $$ - put it on there!
- Christine and Todd
Sign up early!
- Libby and Rich
Allow a variety of gift denominations in order that anyone would find something within their comfort range.
- Pat and Dan
Take time to build your personal site, tell your story and add pictures.
- Sandra and Brandon
Tell as many people about the registry as possible
- Diana and Allen
Register for more than you actually expect to get and definitely vary your price ranges.
- Tonya and Christopher
Register for more than you actually expect to get and definitely vary your price ranges.
- Tonya and Christopher
Forward the link to everybody you can.
- Regina and Andrew
Start early and put a wide variety of choices and prices on your registry.
- Rebecca and Freddie
If you choose to have a honeymoon registry make sure you use word of mouth also. Don't have too many other registries elsewhere, especially if you're looking to use the money for the honeymoon.
- Dulcima and Keith
Make sure you give your guests plenty of notice and stress that you want them to use the registry instead of gifts.
- Terri and Trey
make sure there are small ticket items on your registry as well as large for your guests.
- Tiffany and John
Send out registry information early and remind guests of registry.
- Natoya and Brandon
Talk it up so people will purchase from it.
- Cara and Nick
Get the word out to your guest early. Enlist the help of your wedding party to spread the word.
- Khalilah and Nelson
Select lots of activities at different levels of pricing. The more options you have for your guest to chose from the better. Even if you don,t get to do them all or if you change your mind. Lots of options are better.
- Debbie and Adam
Don't be stressed out about the fees. Most of our guests figured they'd be spending the fee money on wrapping paper on any other gift anyway. Most of our guests used this site because it's fast and easy.
- Stacey and Erik
To promote it bigtime.. let people know how easy it is to use it.
- Katie and Eric
Get the word out to your guests as soon as possible.
- Kay and Ken
Make sure to include as much as you can - people are much more generous than you think!
- Susan and Sean
Register for more things than you actually want. My husband and I did that and we also listed some pretty expensive items that we thought no one would buy, but we ended up getting a few of those items. You have nothing to lose...
- Yessica and Ami
Set it up early and spead the word ASAP!
- Cori and David
Pick a lots of stuff from the registry even if you think noone can afford it... you'll be very surprised
- Sylvia and Sean
Register for anything and everything, even if you know you're not going to do it, you can still get the money for it any use it on something else.
- Jennifer and Eric
Have a lot of different priced gifts so guests have plenty to choose from without feeling pressured to spend more than they are comfortable with. We also took the time to spread the word to our guests about how it worked so that they would feel comfortabl
- Brooke and Tom
Register for fun things. People are more likely to buy "breakfast in bed" or "romantic honeymoon dinner" than to pay to upgrade your room or flight.
- Monica and Robert
Choose more gifts in $50 or $100 incriments rather than large dollar amounts.
- Esther and William
Register early and let EVERYONE know. If you leave people out they will be upset. Our family loved it so much that the ones that didn't know... well we heard about it!
- Stacey and Gary
Do it, use it, but be sure and advertise well.
- Jennifer and David
Register for alot of different gifts and take pictures of what you do to show your friends and family that you actually did the things they purchased.
- Dana and James
Be sure to include information with your wedding invitations, on your "Save the Date" magnets, your wedding website, etc. If the honeymoon registry is your priority, then limit the number of other gift registry locations (stores).
- Kandy and Tyrone
Let everyone know with the card provided that go in your invitations as well as email notifications
- Erika and Douglas
give plenty of option to your guests (small and big amounts)
- Aude and Stefano
Push it to your guests and explain how it works
- Keli and Jeremy
Put as much as you can on there, you'd be surprised how many people want to contribute to the honeymoon over just buying the standard gifts.
- Tonia and Kevin
Let people know that if they don't get a gift before the wedding, they can still get you the general contribution to your honeymoon afterward.
- Jennifer and Craig
tell people about it early on... and let them know it's safe and you get the MONEY, not the bottle of wine, etc.
- Alicia and Anthony
Depending on the economic status of your guests, use prices that fit their budgets. It's nice that you can set your own prices. If you want to have lower priced items, just increase the number. People will be 3 or 4 of the same item if they want to spend
- Bethany and Darren
Start early! Include your registry information with your 1st announcement.
- Susan and Mark
Definetly print out the pre designed announcement cards to include in the save the date or invitation.
- Lezlie and Ryan
List more than you may actually do. People like to see variety. Some people may not pay for a massage, but would be excited to cover a plane ticket or jet ski excursion.
- Kimberly and Reginald
Register for as much as you can. You never know what people would be interested in buying for you.
- Christie and Aaron
Make the honeymoon registry your primary place for gift purchases but also register at one actual store for those guests who are not online-savy or fearful of making an online purchase.
- Crysta and Corey
Keep the registry just as it is, I have nothing to add.
- Gracie and Carlos
Just do it! It different, but definitely worth it, especially if you already have a home set-up together...have a honeymoon shower instead of a household shower.
- Mindee and Brian
- Jennifer and James
The thing to do , especially if you don't want to receive gifts you don't want. Eliminates return hassels.
- Stephany and Mark
Register for it all, it at least gives your guests options.
- Bethany and Ryan
Give step by step detailed instructions on how to find and use the site.
- Nicole and David
I would suggest including it with your save the dates or invitations.
- Kristi and Carl
Ask for anything and everything and make your selections unique. Many people thought their gift was "the best" or "most fun" and that made them happy.
- Dana and Clifton
Register for everything you can...you never know who will surprise you with the gifts and everyone's tastes are different for gift giving.
- Amy and Tom
Start early and make sure people know the date you need to end the gifts to get them in time for the honeymoon
- Jennifer and Kevin
DO IT. We had more compliments on the registry. ease of use, how original the idea was, etc.
- Amanda and Charley
Make sure you send the link to all attendees
- Danya and Joe
Have fun with the set up of the site and picking your gift ideas. Be creative and use the portion that you can put in your own words for the gift. That was fun for us.
- Charlene and Frank
Register early! and let all family and friends know early. It is a great way to offset some expences.
- Jenn and Gerald (Tito)
Europe - no tips - just have fun doing whatever you like
- Heather and Lance
Register for everything! It's worth it.
- Mary and Chris
Take full advantage of this registry!!! You'll be happy you did.
- Katie and Wes
Sign up for everything possible! It seemed to us that people liked to purchase something that was memorable rather than just give a "trip contribution". We loved that we could discreetly ask for money to go toward our honeymoon, offering our friends and family choices other than dishes or photo albums.
- Barry and Roxanne Nations
Use it, as it's a wonderful way to offset the costs for a honeymoon that you deserve! Our tip would be to do a good mix of relaxing items and excursions...don't stress.
- Drew Aija
The registry gave us some great ideas, and the people that bought from it were very excited to make our honeymoon fun. Our tip is to find out how much specific trips are so you ask for the right amount. If your not sure, ask for a little more than you might think. Its better to have extra.
- Adria McLaughlin - Halseth
We loved this idea! We already had 2 households, and so we just really wanted to go on our honeymoon, this was a great way to help us make sure we did get to go on one. Make sure you put a lot of things up for your guests to choose from.
- Tara and Jon Kaut
Try to put things that are trip specific, even if you are not sure you will use the item. We put down scooter rental and they were quickly purchased. This is a great site, great customer service, we had a great response. The registry was easy to use, most of our guests had no problems, and it was fun getting the e-cards!
- Kathy Padilla
My tip is use the registry and stay as long as possible! The registry allowed us the freedom to use the money as we see fit, but made it attractive to our guests. Do it - it's great!
- Loren Fields
Our tip is to make sure and tell people where you are registered. Our guests appreciated knowing exactly what we wanted and not having to guess (then have us end up with something we didn't want!). Along with the cards, we made sure our Best Man, Matron of Honor, and parents knew what to tell everyone.
- Courtney and Jess Martinez
Use the "Create Your Own" section. Its really easy and allows you to make your registry list even that much more personal.
- Deborah Waterman
Be creative on your registry and get your guests involved. It's fun and easy!
- Amanda Hayes